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 I have been extremely blessed to receive such kind words over the years. These are selection of the 'testimonials' of which I am eternally grateful.


"If you're reading this and wondering - should I book to see Dawn, then please don't hesitate -go ahead and do it. I saw Dawn for a reading and can honestly say I have come away feeling so positive about life and the future. Dawn astounded me with her ability to receive uncannily accurate messages for me and my family down to actual names and instances that she simply could not have known about. I have no doubt that Dawn has a genuine ability, she is also
a lovely down to earth person who puts you at ease straight away.
This was my first visit to anyone like Dawn and I would go again in a heartbeat. Thank you Dawn"
- Mike
'I was very skeptical about angels and even life after this one.  I would even go so far and say I was an atheist.  I was completely lost for words after my first session - in fact, I don't think I said more than 5 words for the hour afterwards. After that and from the sessions I have had since, there is no doubt in my mind that there is an after life and that angels are here around us.  Dawn's gift is genuine and I am grateful to have been able to experience it.'     MYRA


"WOW! Dawn is an absolutely lovely person, very unassuming and down to earth, but with a great sense of humour. I was a bit sceptical at first but Dawn was spot on from the word go - names, places, people and situations. I cannot rate her highly enough and will be recommending her to my friends and family. Many thanks x "    MARIE


"Dawn is one in a million. My friends are I are all so uplifted by her wonders'   Kathleen Cheyne 


"I was delighted with Angeldawn she had so much empathy and such a bubbly personality and put me at ease as soon as she opened her door to me. Her communication with my loved ones in spirit was excellent and accurate. Although she had other personal things to do after my reading she continued on past my alloted time until my spirit contact had concluded.
I have already recommended her to family and friends. I will certainly return for another reading in the near future.
Thank you for such an uplifting reading."  Pamela Winpenny

"I have seen Dawn for an Angel Reading, Angelic Reiki and attended an Angel Workshop.
She is a lovely warm person who consistently gives very positive messages and encouragement. She is sensitive and caring and really tries to help you to connect with your angels to use their support and love.
I feel that my life is changing in a positive way since meeting Dawn and I highly recommend her. Thank you Dawn xxx "   SUSAN



"I have attended Dawn for readings for almost 2 years now, and every time it is spot on.
I tried another psychic before and didn't find her very good, and when I found Dawn I stuck.
Not just the accuracy, but Dawn as a person is a lovely woman, with a great sense of humour, always very welcoming and treats you as she would a friend as opposed to a 'client'.
I have also attended one of her angel afternoons which I found very uplifting.
Dawn has sparked my interest in finding out more about my angels and the spiritual world.
And since finding Dawn, my life has changed for the better, I am in a better place and I am a lot happier.
I would 100% recommend Dawn to anyone, and the people I have recommended love her too!!"    LYN, Aberdeen


"I was amazed how spot on Dawn was in her psychic readings she is a lovely down to earth person who really cares.
She didn't rush the reading and answered all questions asked of her. I would highly recommend Dawn and can't wait for my next reading."             

 Eleanor -Banchory Healing Room 



"Dawn gives excellent readings and I always leave enlightened!
I have been gobsmacked at how she knew things about me and my life that she
couldn't have possibly known. She has been a lot of help to me"      KIM



" I have seen Dawn twice. Both times I was amazed at how she had time for me and any questions I asked and never looked at her watch or made me feel pressured to leave. She is a very kind and warm hearted person and she definitely has the ability of foresight. A number of things she told me would happen, happened. She also gave me the knowledge and power to change my life and showed me I'm supported in my decisions from another realm.
I have been to many psychics/ mediums and clairvoyants and each and every one has fitted me into a 25- 30 minute slot. Dawn does not do this. She finishes with you when you are finished and when she is satisfied. I highly recommend her"      JENNIFER



"Dawn is down-to-earth and put me at ease the minute I stepped into her home.
She helped me see my next step in life and proved to me that our
loved ones' continue to exist in the spiritual world. I feel happier, calmer and more positive following my reading"    Tracy

"I trust Dawn to connect with spirit and to give me messages that only I would know"     Nicola

"You have been a tremendous comfort to me since my mum died. It is an absolute honour to spend time with you.
You have a unique gift and I am extremely grateful that you can share your gift with me in that it enables me to connect
with my mum who is in the spirit world. It is just nice to know that mum still is around me, even though she's not here in the physical form, I know that she is always looking after me, as mum said she would do". A.L


I really enjoyed my time with Dawn - it was lovely to touch base with my grandparents and my friend's father.
My card reading that Dawn gave me was very uplifting. My healing was a lovely experience too, especially when we talked about prayer
at the end of it and I realised that my grandfather was definitely there with us during the healing.
The best part of the reading itself, was the 3 separate messages that meant nothing to me and confused Dawn - centipede wearing boots?!

...on speaking to my dad afterwards - he could validate all 3 - I was happy to know that all 3 were from my grandfather too.
A reading always seems more special somehow if another person has to validate the message.
Thank you Dawn for a very positive, relaxing and enjoyable experience - it didn't feel like 3 hours at all.  I look forward to visiting you again at some point.
Best wishes with all you do.
- Pamela

"Thought I would just let you know, the Campbell's soup that came up in the reading which seemed odd! It turns out my great great grandmother used to come back from the shops with a bag full of Campbell's soup!
The reading you gave me was amazing! Thank you so much"   Laura 

"Thank you for my wonderful reading today. You knew things no-one could have told you and I feel very lucky to have met a genuine psychic"
 - Jan, Aberdeen

"You have given me so much. That was the best £50 I have ever spent"  E.C

"Hi Dawn, not long after I came to see you a funny thing happened and I wanted to let you know. You asked me if I was planning on painting a flower or a tree on my wall as you could see something on the wall in my flat.  You also mentioned the colours red and green.  I thought it was unusual as it wasn't something I had planned.
 Anyway, a few weeks later I was scraping the walls in the living room and found this in the corner of each wall (she sent me the image of a red and green tree-like motif).  The paper had been on there for years and the flat is about 100 years old.
 Funny how you got that, its been a nice little story to tell people when they come round"  Nicola

These reviews have been posted on my Facebook page and as always I am humbled and blessed -

"What an absolutely incredible reading I had today, I felt like I had know Dawn for years even though it was our first meeting. Everything she said was accurate, refreshing and encouraging.  Do not hesitate to make an appointment with her"   Catherine Keldie

"This lady is remarkable, so good at her role and carries it out with great warmth and humour"  Elaine Lamont

"Dawn is fantastic! So accurate.  I love the room in which the readings are done, it's very funky! Highly recommend"  Jan Laing

"There are no adequate words to describe what Dawn has given not only to me but to my family.  Dawn has helped me/us through the darkest of times, with sympathy, compassion and gentleness.  If you are in pain through loss, then Dawn is indeed your Guardian Angel.  Once you have a reading then the light will begin to peek through darkness, the all consuming darkness of grief.  Thank you Dawn. xx"   Iris, Aberdeenshire

"An amazing angel and excellent medium, very accurate and loving"   Jules, Aberdeenshire

"Simply amazing! I have had wonderful readings from Dawn and they have helped me on so many levels. They have helped me trust in my own intuition and to grab for all it has and be positive! Dawn is just a beautiful person inside and out and I am privileged to know her.  Lisa Sugden

"Dawn... wow, amazing. I'm blown away by the reading you gave me today.  You have helped me in a huge way. Confirmed things and given me so much to think about"  Julie. L

"I had a lovely reading from Dawn, will definitely go back again in a few months. Couple of things she told me to look out for have just happened!
Gaby Kennedy

"Thank you for my reading. There were things said that nobody could have known"  Hazel MacLean

"Dawn is a lovely person. My reading took me totally by surprise. I went to keep a promise and I am so glad I did. I would recommend Dawn to anyone"  Alison McKay

"Really enjoyed my reading. I would really recommend Dawn if you are thinking of getting a reading. Dawn is the nicest person that I have ever met and I am very lucky to know her personally as well"   Dawn Leith

"Thank you so much Angeldawn for all your healing, guidance, humour and your love. I apologise for staying longer; your time was precious and went too quick. I needed your help today. Thank you kindly"   Susan. R


A beautiful review from Richard Peddie received via my Facebook business page -

" Read the reviews and you'll see lots of comments such as Dawn's such a nice down to earth person, welcoming, friendly, accurate etc etc.
And you know they're all quite correct!!
Did I go into our first reading with a degree of trepidation, of course.
Would I go again? YES
Should you go? I think you should
Is there anything to be frightened of? Absolutely not, Dawn will make you feel at ease
Let's be honest if you are like me the first reading is all about validating life after this one, I believe I got it.
I spoke to the departed before but might have felt like "Am I speaking to myself?" now I KNOW someone's listening!!
Can it get any better?
Dawn, you should advertise the Facebook page and reviews more, I'm surprised there are only 31 reviews here.  You deserve more and I think it's just knowledge that's stopping it"

2017 - I no longer offer psychic/mediumship readings. I am focusing on the 'healing' sessions and groups however any psychic images and messages I pick up whilst doing any other session is always passed on to you

"I have attended Dawn for several Healing/Reiki Sessions and I would just like to say how wonderful each experience has been. Dawn is a lovely person who puts you at ease and makes the therapy session relaxing and positive.
If you have ever thought of booking an appointment with Dawn but have never got round to it or been apprehensive - please do it!

You will not regret your decision and I guarantee you will have an uplifting and truly amazing time and you will be fully in control and aware at all times.
Dawn is a kind, warmhearted soul. She has a great sense of humour and you will leave feeling much more relaxed and positive about life.
Can't wait for my next appointment."

S. x

Since evolving onto the 'Galactivation'; Cosmic and Conscious clearing, re-calibration and frequency upgrade I have received lots of feedback and testimonials which are humbling and heart-warming.

Some snippets of the feedback - 

"I had an overpowering rush and tingling all through me"

"I can still feel my head tingling. I could feel my whole body lifting up like levitating"

"It was something I have never experienced before and I am not sure even how to describe it.There was alot going on with my body & mind and I felt light, aligned, energised and in tune with myself"

"You are lucky, so lucky to be about to experience a session with Dawn. Aside from being deeply deeply relaxing in a way no other treatment has ever been, I found a deep sense of peace and felt connected to the world in a way I have never been before. Words cannot adequately portray what she does. Galactisation is simply amazing. I saw fabulous images in my minds eye so clear and real. I was utterly speechless and am still slightly in shock. I felt lighter in body and mind when I left"



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