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Write from the heart...

I am a keen writer and lover of words. In 2020 I wrote a synopsis of my life story so far which is published in the book 'Reluctantly Psychic' which is available on Amazon. I am a published poet, amateur artist, a mum of one, a lover of design, stunning art and architecture, travel, culture, fashion, yummy food, good music (sounds that soothe my Soul). I am an HSP (highly sensitive person), an empath, intuitive, psychic (that still conjures up corniness to some) and messenger of the Multiverse. I am an Earth Ambassador for 'the higher realms' and I bring the treasure for your pleasure. Alchemical access to Source is for the benefit of the ALL.

I spend hours in nature and cannot sit at a computer for long. I am not spending all day on social media, reading endless e-mails or being all things to all people....Over 50 and feeling FREE. It was some ride to get here and now I am enjoying the freedom, liberation and LOVE of being here in a physical body in-joying the fairground of the Creator. We all contribute to this Creation. We manifest and animate life. We breathe bliss into the Being.

I am a free Spirit with a kind heart, galactic wisdom and a touch of kick-ass warrior vibes too. I have always detested attempting to fit myself into any one box and even more so now. We have been living within the confines of extremely limited parameters on a planet that was suppressed and controlled. As we break free I found me. My role as a 'wayshower' is to shine Light to assist you in finding your way ahead. I hold your hand and your heart as you leave the baggage behind and breathe Life into the life YOU have always longed to create.

It is time. It is NOW.

Take my hand and let's take that QUANTUM LEAP together.

Facebook - Angeldawn Holistic Intuitive  & The Cosmic Catalyst
Instagram - angeldlight & thecosmiccatalyst 
Twitter & Youtube - creationangel
I also have 2 blogs on WordPress - creationangeldawn & dawnsdiaryblog

Tel: 07748 814536   E:mail: dawn@angeldawn.me

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