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Soul Guidance/Intuitive Counselling

I no longer do MEDIUMSHIP readings; connecting with loved ones that have crossed over.

I began doing readings professionally in 2004 and have done 1000s over the years. As my own consciousness evolved I found myself connecting into higher dimensional Light Beings and going on an even deeper journey within myself to reclaim my divine Sovereignty, freedom and power.

I was then guided to cease the psychic and mediumship readings as I had done for all those years.

Turning 50 in 2018 was a turning point in all areas of my life.

I began to look at all my strengths and what I felt was important in helping change humanity.

People's mental health, emotional wellbeing, reminding them that no one is 'less than' and we all hold the same power within us. I was never comfortable with the 'entertainment' side of 'readings' and I always made my views well known regarding this over the years. For me, this is about helping people heal from grief, trauma, abuse and bringing them back from broken to blessed. I have always known that my divine life purpose was much deeper than simply picking up information that people already knew (your relationship situ, what type of job you do, etc) This is brilliant if people are seeking validation that someone else knows them as well as they do or can give information regarding a loved one that has crossed over but often I saw it was not a 'reading' that person needed but HEALING. 'Healing' is a word we can identify with yet I do not approach it from the viewpoint that you are broken, ill or need fixed. I see it as recalibration, realigning your mind, body, spirit and soul. I see it as bringing you back to you; your original organic Divine blueprint.

We are living in a world that has so many people stressed out, lost, confused and completely disconnected from their Soul. I am here to assist others in remembering who they truly are.

I utilise my 'abilities' as well as my own life experience to help you clear any blocks which are stopping you from moving forward, changing your mindset, de-programming from years of unhelpful thoughts and behaviours, we can work through any problems or issues you have.

I see this now as an 'evolved' form of a reading. The information does not come from a loved one but via your own higher self and my connection to you and Source/God.

I will refer to these sessions as SOUL GUIDANCE SESSIONS  or INTUITIVE COUNSELLING
as these are sessions where you will be called to participate. The 'old way' of sitting opposite a 'reader' is now past and for those who are ready to take responsibility for their life and creating your own future, I am here to guide, assist and mentor you.

I am looking to introduce remote/distant sessions very soon to enable me to reach those who are outwith my area.
Healing and Guidance for all of humanity with Love. Holding you all in my heart space.