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Energy Exchange/Rates

After all these years of working with clients I recognised where I was giving hours of my time for very little payment. I have never done what I do (less labels now) for the money yet over the 20years I did not increase my rates that often and my boundaries with time was poor. I will never set a timer yet I could not continue to give hours of my time and energy for the price of a 30minute or an hour slot. After going through quantum leaps and changes within myself and my world I recognise all that I have to offer.  To be able to assist you in the highest and most powerful way I could not continually be giving away so much of myself for so little. I spent years over-giving and I hit burn out. I then took time out to re-evaluate everything and to find that place of peace and balance. I am in the process of creating new sessions and packages that will enable you to work with me in a way that honours us both.

Sessions are to be pre-paid 48hours prior to allocated appointment.


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