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Welcome to my website 

My name is Dawn Alexander and for the last 13 years I have been affectionately known as 'Angeldawn' but have now moved away from doing 'psychic/mediumship' readings and am focusing on energy work, teaching/speaking, writing and therapies...you will find out more on the following web pages.

My mission is to help raise the consciousness of the planet, empower YOU to recognise YOUR own power and divinity, remind you that 'death' is not the end, connect you to the multi-dimensional aspects of yourself as you remember you are so much more than a 'human' rattling around this earth for a certain amount of years. 

We are all here on this planet to support and guide each other and it is my wish that I can offer you the support, guidance and love you need to ensure that you create the happiest, healthiest life possible.

I have mediumship abilities, I am a healer, I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient and have been blessed to help 100's people over the years whether it is connecting with their loved ones in the Spirit world, intuitively guiding and supporting them in transforming their life or being the catalyst in them healing emotional, physical, mental and spiritual pain/imbalances.

At the end of 2016 I decided to stop doing psychic/mediumship readings as my 'work/divine life mission' was moving to a new higher vibrational energy. I know in my heart that the people who will benefit from my intuition, energy work and all that I facilitate will find their way to me in the perfect way at the perfect time. I am passionate about assisting others in 'healing' on all levels. I love watching others step into their power, leave limiting beliefs behind and move forward fearlessly into the life they have longed for.

I utilise all my 'intuitive' abilities to tune in and can 'read' your energy field and your Soul's blueprint; I am here as a guiding Light to shine a path for you. I have years of experience in energy work such as cutting cords, balancing chakras (energy centres within the physical body and outwith), removing negative programming (with your higher self say-so), helping you become familiar with your own 'Light Team' of guides and empowering you with a host of tips and tools to help you in daily life. For those who are 'awake and aware' and are connecting to higher consciousness streams of energy I can assist with kundalini awakening, DNA activation, stepping into your power and all things ascension & lightbody integration related. I am not a 'guru' nor an 'expert' yet I know that we all have a unique quantum signature with a frequency that only we bring to the world. Let me help you remember yours! Here to be of Divine Service with infinite Love & Gratitude.

This is my honest moment in that after all those years of working with 100s of people I have now moved on from those who are looking for the 'quick fix' or who are looking for the old paradigm of a 'reading'...I am now connecting with and assisting many who are awake, aware and conscious in raising their frequency even higher to aid them in fulfilling their divine life mission.. the Wayshowers, Lightworkers, Starseeds, Indigos, Crystals... forget the labels, if it is you and I can help you then let me know! 

Big love and divine blessings. xx

Dawn Alexander
TEL: 07748 814536
E-MAIL: dawn@angeldawn.me

*I am currently seeing a limited number of clients from my home but will also be offering sessions at external events
my phone is off when I am with clients/busy so it is preferable if you send me an e-mail or text and I will get back to you when it is convenient. Thanks x